Cantonese eat game, Guangxi people dare not speak

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Cantonese eat game, Guangxi people dare not speak

People from other provinces have the deepest impression on Cantonese,

Cantonese people eat everything.

"Claypot rice, head rice, wife cake, blind cake" ...;

"A four-legged one does not eat except the bench;

Flying in the sky, except the plane does not eat "...

This one-sided, outdated and stereotyped impression,

Yes, most of them are true!

But eating game,

The fiercest is the former Cantonese

Guangdong is located in Lingnan, surrounded by radon gas since ancient times. Snakes, ants, and rodents are common, and the material conditions are backward. Unlike the Central Plains and Jiangnan regions, Guangdong has a lack of food types, and it is right next to the mountains and forests, and can only eat all kinds of birds and animals.

Guangdong has been eating like this for two thousand years. It is recorded that Cantonese in the Han Dynasty ate pythons, and Tang Dynasty began to unlock parrots and owls. When the Song Dynasty, "they did not ask birds, beasts, snakes and insects, they could eat everything".

In fact, eating game in ancient times was the same across the country, but Guangdong has continued this habit to this day. The Cantonese's open-mindedness and a daring personality are also reflected in the fact that they have tasted wild game and constantly studied Cantonese cuisine.

Nowadays, thanks to the improvement of living standards, everyone pays more attention to food hygiene. At the same time, the fight against atypical pneumonia and the introduction of wildlife protection laws have made Guangdong people seldom eat game.

To break the stereotype, this article put forwards out of it!

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