Stinky tofu, a traditional Chinese snack

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Stinky tofu, a traditional Chinese snack, is quite different in the way of making and eating. There are different types of stinky tofu in the north and the south. Stinky tofu is also called stinky tofu in the south. Although its name is vulgar, it is crude outside and beautiful inside, strange in the middle of the plain, and has a long history. It is a kind of Chinese traditional snack with great characteristics. It is ancient and traditional, which is irresistible. The production materials include soybeans, Douchi, soda ash, etc.

There are regional differences in the way of making and eating in China and all over the world, and the taste is also very different, but it has the characteristics of "smelling and eating". Changsha stinky tofu is quite famous, and Nanjing, Taiwan, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Yulin and other places are also famous for stinky tofu.

Most of the streets in Tianjin are stinky tofu in Nanjing, which is fried into golden yellow with grey tofu pieces. The stink is very light. Most of the stinky tofu in the streets of South China is "Changsha stinky tofu", but the production methods are not the same. It is fried with iron plate, which is not empty and light yellow.

Why stinky tofu stinks

Stinky tofu is one of the snacks with Chinese Han characteristics, which has different types in the north and south. Because of the different production methods, different stinky tofu has different stinky sources.

The difference between fermentation and non fermentation

Stinky tofu can be divided into fermentation and non fermentation. Green bean curd belongs to fermented stinky tofu, which is fermented on the basis of tofu, while fried stinky tofu belongs to non fermented stinky tofu. The stink of fermented stinky tofu comes from fermented protein, sulfide, indole and some stinky amino acids. The stink of non fermented stinky tofu comes from stinky brine.

Is stinky tofu healthy?

Fermented stinky tofu, part of the protein is decomposed into peptides and amino acids which are more conducive to digestion and absorption in fermentation, but the salt content is high, so it is not suitable to eat more; fried non fermented stinky tofu, the energy is much higher than ordinary tofu, if you eat more, it is easy to cause excess energy.