Question regarding chinese food?

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Same with any kind of food, there are good and bad choices, you just need to know the ingredients of each item then choose wisely.  On average traditional authentic Chinese cuisine is much healthier than the westernized form of Chinese food found in America and Europe.  In China people very seldom eat chicken like the sweet and sour or general tso which are all deep fried with a lot of grease then coated with sugary sauce, no one forces the customers to order such fattening food, they just select them because they only care about the taste and are not health conscious.  Stir fried entrees like beef broccoli, chicken with vegetables or mushroom, tofu combined with steamed rice are very good for us.

Even in western countries, Chinese food is all free of dairy except for crab rangoon which is made with cream cheese and which is unheard of in China, this is an entirely American invention.  Chinese restaurants never cook with butter, there is no need to cheat because vegetable oil is in fact cheaper.

Most East Asian food don't use dairy basically, but Indian food is full of it, almost all sauces found in Indian food use yogurt.



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6 years ago

Well, most of the food restaurants serve are fried, oily and use MSG. Therefore, I would say that most items at a Chinese food restaurant is bad for you. If anything, won-ton soup wouldn't be that bad and maybe steamed vegetables and plain white rice.


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Chinese food are one of the best from my perspective. It varies in their ingredients and take away food are for one day consumptions. I'm sorry to saqy that some chinese food aren't dairy free. For instance, Special fried rice, has pork, beef,chicken, egg, and prawns , including vegetables like peas, onions maybe beansprouts. So it depends. For an alternative you could come up with your own recipes, removing what you don't like.

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