China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

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Whenever the weather is cold, the taste buds are automatically switched to the "warm" mode. At this time, the mutton soup is undoubtedly the best choice. A bowl of hot lamb soup warmed the whole person. Even when facing the cold wind outside the window, it gave birth to a grandiose spirit of "though thousands of people go to me".

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Jiangsu | Zangshu Lamb Soup

Ask a Suzhouer who is far away in a foreign country, what is the most anxious food in his heart, and the lamb in the book must be the best. The lamb used in Tibetan books is lambs between the ages of one and one and a half years old, and the soup produced comes with some milky aroma. In Zangshu Town, wooden barrels are commonly used to cook lamb. Every restaurant has dedicated wooden barrels. Some barrels have even been used for decades. Therefore, experienced hoop makers are quite popular in town. OK. This wooden barrel is not an ordinary wooden barrel, but is made of first-class fir. The fragrance of that kind of wood can play a deodorizing effect, and it can highlight the delicious taste of lamb. It is said that the past diners went to the library to eat mutton. They had to go into the kitchen first to see the color of the wooden barrels in the shop. The darker the color, the longer the age, and the more delicious the mutton cooked. If there is any secret of lamb in the book, the barrel is the only one.

Every morning at 6 in the morning, the lamb shop in Zangshuzhen begins to cook mutton and boiled lamb soup. It takes at least 2 hours to add the soup to milky white soup. The soup had mutton, blood and mutton, and added more salt than the home-made soup-and it was as simple as adding salt. The authentic Tibetan mutton soup does not need to add other seasonings at all. It is enough to use the salt to change the umami taste, and it can not taste any extra scent. A bowl of steaming lamb soup is delicious and hot, the aroma is full, the lamb is tender and smooth, and the aftertaste is endless.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Jiangsu | Xuzhou Mutton Soup

Xuzhou people have three treasures: pancakes, ground pot chicken, and lamb soup. Stew fresh goat bones stocked on the mountain for six or seven hours to cook the bowl of milky-colored, pure-textured mutton soup. The green coriander floats in the middle of the bowl. Add two sesame cakes or a few pans, add a spoonful of chili sheep oil, stir well with chopsticks, and a layer of red chili sheep oil will float on the lamb soup.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Chili sheep oil is a unique seasoning in Xuzhou. It is made by using white sheep suet oil and chili sauce. Use it in mutton soup, mutton noodles, roasted mutton, stewed mutton, and mutton hot pot. For more exciting content, please pay attention to WeChat public account: Kitchen Movies. Like the lard in bibimbap, the butter used by westerners to spread bread, the special flavor is extremely beautiful. It's just that the Xuzhou people add a portion of cooked mutton oil to spicy, which will not only conceal the lamb's ravioli, but also make all kinds of mutton dishes taste more vigorous and enjoyable.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Drinking sheep soup with chili sheep oil is the authentic way to drink soup in Xuzhou. Put a little lamb's oil in the bowl, pour a ladle of hot lamb broth and pour in the lamb's oil. Pick up a spoonful and slowly send it into the mouth. The sheep soup slowly flows on the tip of the tongue.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Shandong | Shanxian Mutton Soup

Shanxian mutton soup, a special product of Shanxian County, Shandong Province, China National Geographical Indication Product. Speaking of its history, it is very long, with a history of thousands of years. It is said that Shun's teacher Danjuan and his tribe lived in Shanxian area. The domestic animals raised at that time were mainly green goats, and the way of eating sheep evolved from barbecue to meat and soup. Later, after improvements, the production process of mutton soup became more and more perfect. In the 12th year of Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty (1807), among many soup-makers, after careful research, some people continued to innovate in the production process, making it fine and delicious, which swept the city for a while. Passed down ten times and one hundred times, Shanxian mutton soup was even named "the first soup in the world".

According to the "Shanxian Fengwu" records, the characteristics of Shanxian mutton soup are: "white like milk, water and fat blend, pure texture, fresh and not sticky, fragrant and not greasy, rotten and not sticky." Not only that, Shanxian mutton soup also has a wide variety, each with its own charm. They are often classified into different categories according to the different ingredients used in the soup. For example, with fat and lean mutton called "fat lean soup", with sheep brain called "smallpox soup", with sheep eyes called "eye socket soup", and so on, which can be roughly divided into soup soup, belly soup, kidney flower Soups, milk slag soup, lung leaf soup, honeycomb soup, and so on, all of which are as many as 72 kinds. When you drink, you can choose according to your own preferences, let people enjoy themselves and enjoy themselves. In the soup hall, as long as you heard someone say hello, "Master, come bowl of smallpox," you don't need to ask, you must be a connoisseur of Shanxian mutton soup.

The reason why Shanxian mutton soup has survived for hundreds of years is mainly due to its exquisite craftsmanship. There are three key points: a long time to boil. Quantitatively add water as needed, heat up the fire, and place fresh lamb, mutton and sheep skeletons in the pan afterwards, and then use a rapid fire to make it boil, and cook for at least 4 hours in one drum. The boiled bone marrow oil and water collide with each other to achieve water-milk blending before it can be concentrated into a milky state. The second one said Qiao Huo. The size of the fire is controlled according to the time and degree of boiling, and sometimes even the firewood is burned very much. The fire is small, water is water, oil is oil, water is down and oil is up. Water and oil cannot be combined into one. If the fire is too fast, it will not boil the full flavor and lose nutrition. What's needed for ingenuity is mobility and flexibility. Three said fine tuning. The flavor of Shanxian mutton soup is different and has a lot to do with the seasoning. This operation is more elaborate, it is difficult to make it difficult. During the high-temperature cooking process, 18 kinds of condiments need to be added in sequence according to the heat, including white scallion, cinnamon, grass fruit, citrus peel, almond, clove, etc. Different materials are added for different fires. Time, seasoning, and heat are inseparable, and cleverly combined and interacted to achieve the unique flavor of Shanxian mutton soup blended with milk and refreshing.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Shandong | Yimeng Quanyang Soup

Quanyangtang is a famous Yimeng food. Near to Yishui and Linyi, far away, there are traces of Quanyangtang in Qingdao and Jinan. Yimeng black goats are used. People who have been to the Yimeng Mountain area are impressed by the lively black goats jumping on the slopes, with a strong physique and dark eyes, with the rustic atmosphere of the people of the Yimeng Mountain area, often like to playfully stand at the top of the stones and watch the passing pedestrians as if Shows that he is full of treasure. It is they that have created a traditional famous food in Yimeng Mountain area—Yimeng Daguo Quanyang, also known as Yimeng Quanyang Soup.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Cauldron whole sheep, the key is the word "full". The best choice is to cook with mountain spring water and mutton lambs weighing more than 40 kilograms. Kill the whole sheep, clean them and put them in a large iron pot. The head, hoof, tail, whip are all, and the blood, meat, bones, and dirty are all in. , Put some amount of star anise, fennel and other stews until the nine mature, blood and liver should be cooked and put back. After removing and chopping, place in a bowl, sprinkle with finely chopped minced meat, and place in a wok and simmer on low heat, or pour hot soup in the pot several times to cook. The soup, white meat, red meat, delicious flavor, tender meat, and nutritious cauldrons are all done.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Yimengshan Quanyangtang has a very careful order of serving: the first served is "Manjianghong", that is, Yangxuetang, followed by "Yingfan" (sheep ear soup), "Wangfengpo" (sheep's face) Soup), "Yang vanilla soup" (yangzuitou soup) ... After all 36 soups of lamb are served, you will be surprised to find that the dishes are presented in order from sheep's head to sheep's tail, although they are all made of lamb. Dishes, but the name of the dish does not have a sheep character, but it is full of "palace flavor", enough to see the palace royal feast "aristocratic fan" how particular.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Shandong | Zaozhuang Mutton Soup

"Don't drink Xiji mutton soup, take a trip to Zaozhuang", Zaozhuang mutton soup is best with Xiji mutton soup, known as "Lunan first soup". If you don't drink mutton soup in Zaozhuang, it seems to be Beijing does not eat roast duck. For more exciting content, please pay attention to WeChat public account: Kitchen Movies. The selection of Xiji mutton soup is a young goat that has just grown up. The meat and internal organs are processed separately. When the flowing water is soaked to a certain degree, the braised pork is just right. The white pulp, without any seasoning, is called Yang Qing Tang. This clear soup does not contain any condiments such as salt and vinegar, but it is refreshing when it is drunk, and the aftertaste is endless, and it is not fishy.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Shandong | Shexian Mutton Soup

With the long history of the Lao Kingdom, and bearing the rich cultural heritage of the "Gu Mu", the Quanyang Soup in Shexian County seems to penetrate the ancient civilization of Shang, Zhou, Qin and Han and the vitality of modern humanities. The scent of "Yade Liquid", the smell of the heart is refreshing, and the seven tricks of drinking can make people feel "the deliciousness of heaven and earth, all in Shexian Quanyang Soup".

The yinxian mutton soup is delicious because of the careful selection of materials and production technology. The first is to choose the Shangyang County sheep soup with ingredients, only use local stock goats, peel the sheep skin and soak it in water, and put the whole sheep with bone in a large pot and cook. When buying live sheep, the store will also strictly control the age of the goats. When the sheep is older, the meat will be simmered, and the sheep will be younger and less flavorful. The second is to strictly control the heat, the special pure cast iron pot cooked with charcoal to ensure the original flavor of the whole sheep. Thirdly, the mutton soup in Shexian County has been drunk in the morning, and it is said that the soup in the first pot is the best to drink. After a long period of time, it will become "old" and cannot taste that umami. Drink sheep soup early in the morning. The fourth is to drink sheep soup in Shexian County. The same rules apply in Shexian Quanyang Restaurant: only cooked cooked mutton, soup, cakes and pickles are free. Eat the cake yourself, drink the soup yourself. The cake that comes with the sheep soup is also based on individual meals. It is completely self-service, which is another big local characteristic of Shexian sheep soup.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Shandong | Laiwu Sheep Soup

Laiwu Sheep Soup is said to be "the secret recipe of heavenly books obtained in a dream" and has been selected as "100 kinds of gourmets that you must eat in Shandong". In the book "Taishan Taste" written by Wang Yuanyi, "Laiwu Sheep Soup, famous in Tai'an region, has been passed down for four generations in Laiwu Jinjia Laodian. It has a history of soup making for more than 100 years; the third one now The successor Jin Yuling runs the business, chooses the materials carefully, and uses strong goats to be slaughtered and processed on the same day. The mutton made with local spices such as Laiwu ginger, chicken legs, onion, and pepper, is not fishy, the meat is tender, and the soup is creamy , Taste fresh and authentic. "

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Anhui | Huainan Mutton Soup

Huainan Mutton Soup is an intangible cultural heritage in Anhui Province. The mutton soup in Fengtai County of Huainan City is relatively famous, and the mutton soup in Zhumadian Town is the best in Huainan City. Huainan mutton soup is spicy and tender, with tender meat. The above lambs are used as raw materials, supplemented with precious and special Huainan spices. The mutton soup is also based on soup. The soup is mellow and delicious. With beef soup for Huainan Shuang Ju.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Anhui | Xiao County Lamb Soup

In the area of Xuhuai, Xiaoxian is known for its mutton name. According to the "Xiao County Chronicle", during the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty, Peng Yushan of Yuanlou Village, Shengquan Township, Xiao County learned a set of cooking skills, which was later introduced to the Imperial Palace of Qing Palace, where he was received by the palace with a thick mutton soup. Favor.

Xiaoxian has always raised more sheep. The mountains and rivers here are beautiful and the forage is rich. Farmers raise sheep and adopt a pure natural grazing method to allow sheep to look for grass and feed freely. Therefore, the sheep is fat and strong, and the meat is abnormally tender. The Xiaoxian mutton soup uses ewes and cormorants from cold goats, and is not fat and lean, with two to four teeth age. Fat and not greasy.

Soup is a fine product, and the indispensable seasoning of chili oil is also sloppy. The pepper should be red stubble before the stubble, washed, dried, and slurried, and then put into a special large tank for exposure and regular stirring. After a long day of exposure and regular drying and stirring until the end of the year, the end of the pepper is bright in color, moderately spicy and pleasantly fragrant. Sheep oil for making chili oil is made from block oil or suet oil peeled from sheep kidney. Raw pepper oil refined in this way has a positive, fatty, and fresh color. And when preparing pepper oil, pay attention to the heat, not too large or too small. The pepper oil made in this way is not old and tender. The soup is white, oily red, and dark green, and is accompanied by crispy and soft oil cakes or glutinous hot pots, which are unforgettable.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Sichuan | Jianyang Mutton Soup

Jianyang people have a long history of raising sheep and cooking sheep. In the Han Dynasty, there were records of “households with chicken gizzards and ten miles smelling sheep incense”. Every winter, this county-level city welcomes diners who flock to the surrounding city for dozens of kilometers. They are willing to line up for hours in front of the street full of small shops just to drink this authentic lamb soup.

Jianyang Mutton Soup is unique because of Jianyang's goats. Jianyang's native goats, commonly known as "fire goats", are short in size, but extremely vigorous. At the beginning of the last century, the local introduced Nubi sheep from the United States, then abandoned and exiled the Longquan Mountains, and crossed with Jianyang's native sheep to form a "Jianyang Big Ear Sheep" that combines the advantages of Chinese and foreign breeds. The crossbred Jianyang sheep can adapt to the local soil and water, and inherit the advantages of Nubi sheep's large size and fine meat, with almost no smell. "The site of Longying tells, the ancient Jianyang; the burdock ancient cross is passed down for thousands of years." The Jianyang mutton soup, which has been developed for hundreds of years, has been exhausted, and the essence is preserved. Its soup is as white as milk and rich in flavor. The meat is crunchy and soft, tasty and mouth-watering, but not greasy, attracting many diners.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Sichuan | Huangjia Mutton Soup

Everyone knows that Jianyang mutton and mutton is suitable, but Chengdu Shuangliu Huangjia's mutton and mutton is also famous. The yellow armored sheep is named because its fur is yellow-brown, and inlaid with symmetrical black spots. The mutton itself has a bright red color, milky white fat, uniform distribution and low fat content. The muscle fibers are clear, the touch is elastic and tough, and the cut surface is moist and does not stick to hands. The meat is also very tender, full-bodied, and without the smell of ordinary lamb, so it is very popular among diners.

In Chengdu people's habits, drinking soup is even more important than eating meat, so a good pot of soup is very important. Huangjia mutton soup generally uses sheep keel and sheep skull, sheep miscellaneous, mutton, and mutton in the special cauldron more than one meter deep, add water, cover, and then three consecutive hours of continuous fire. The milky white mutton soup has been completed, but the original soup must continue to simmer over low heat to ensure that the soup is white. It is worth mentioning that the soup base of Huangjia mutton soup does not add MSG, chicken essence and other seasonings, in order to preserve the purest and most original flavor of the mutton itself.

Before eating meat, first add a bowl of white mutton soup, and then put a handful of finely chopped local "scallion", two colors, green and white intersect, also means "innocent" life, the two flavors blend together The smell is fragrant, and the warmth spreads all over the body immediately. After eating the meat, cook a bit of fresh seasonal vegetables such as pea tips, phoenix tail, and scallion slices according to personal preference.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Chongqing | Rongchang Panlong Mutton Soup

Rongchang is the west gate of Chongqing. It is located in a small town-Panlong Town. Panlong Town is a well-known gourmet town in Chongqing. This town is famous for its local snack, Panlong Mutton Soup. During the peak tourist season, there is a constant stream of tourists who come to taste the Panlong Mutton Soup.

Rongchang Panlong Mutton Soup is famous for its delicious soup. In a pot of good mutton soup, making the soup base is the key. The lamb was selected from the local black goats of Rongchang who had been fed for over a year and weighed more than 80 kg. The pepper was put in a large iron pot and the ginger was cooked for 3 hours. There is no secret recipe for cooking. The real secret lies in the details of the cooking process, such as the order of lamb bone, sheep head, and lamb intestine, the proportion of lamb and water, etc. These seemingly inconspicuous factors are The key to making a mouth-watering soup. Rongchang mutton soup breeds well-known cuisines such as ants on the tree, steamed lamb, red pepper sheep liver, and acetate blood.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Hebei | Pingquan Sheep Soup

In Hebei, if you want to drink a bowl of authentic sheep soup, a name that people are familiar with is "Pingquan sheep soup", which is also eaten by people as an intangible cultural heritage in Hebei Province. Pingquan is best known for sheep soup. Many people are engaged in business related to Pingquan sheep soup locally or abroad. People know that it knows this place and it is also because of sheep soup. It can be said that it is a piece of sesame cake and a bowl of sheep Tang has achieved the popularity and development of Hiraizumi.

Pingquan sheep soup is really a sheep miscellaneous soup. Why can it ignite all over Hebei for years, and even some people in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region have come here by car to drink a bowl of authentic sheep soup. Not greasy or greasy, genuine. A bowl of lamb soup is not enough to fill your appetite, and Hiraizumi's okonomiyaki is a perfect match. Everyone who drank lamb soup said, "Two bowls of sesame cake and one bowl of soup, you can eat full and fragrant." The sesame sesame cake baked in the oven is tender and crispy outside. It is swollen and crunchy. Adding the aroma of sesame, you can eat crunchy, and then make the unique "Hiraizumi sheep soup" so smooth. I mentioned it.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Hebei | Cangzhou Yangchang Soup

Cangzhou is located in the eastern part of the North China Plain, but has the Mengcun Hui Autonomous County within its jurisdiction. The Hui is a major ethnic group here, so it is not surprising that the snacks are mainly beef and mutton. Cangzhou Yangchang Decoction is a more elegant name now. It was called Yangchangzi in the past. The pronunciation of Cangzhou dialect is "like taste-咋". In Cangzhou, people who have eaten sheep's intestines have such a feeling, that is: the first time to eat with their eyes closed-afraid of crickets; the second time to eat with their eyes closed-taste; — Xie. The more you eat, the more addictive you are. The more you eat, the more you eat. In the early winter weather, the milky soup was filled with a few spoons of minced garlic, a few green cilantro, and a spoon of bright red chili oil. heart.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Henan | Lingbao Mutton Soup

Lingbao mutton soup is a traditional flavor unique to the northern Yellow River basin. It is more particular about the selection of materials and requires fresh bone and meat. To choose a ram of 1-2 years, first shatter the leg bones, soak it in water for 6-8 hours, rinse it with boiling water, put it in a boiling water pot after washing, and after 5-8 hours of fire Made from it. For more exciting content, please pay attention to WeChat public account: Kitchen Movies. At this time, the soup in the pot was creamy, rich in aroma, and delicious. The unique feature of Lingbao mutton soup is that it is cooked in a large pot and cooked in a single pot. Put the boiled fresh soup into a small pot, add salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence and secret soup, add the cut mutton, lamb blood, sweet potato noodles, minced garlic and ginger, and cook for 1-2 minutes Fill the soup bowl with sprinkled green onions and parsley, and a bowl of fragrant lamb soup will be ready.

Lingbao mutton soup has been adhering to the traditions of its predecessors. It pays attention to the taste of "thick but not fragrant, fragrant but not pungent, spicy but not spicy, fresh and refreshing, and long". "Fresh and fragrant yakisoba crispy" characteristic folk customs. A bowl of old soup is creamy and fragrant, the texture of mutton is soft and rotten, and the hot and fragrant aroma is wandering all the way in the streets and streets in winter. In Lingbao, a small town in the west of Henan, mutton soup is not only a diet, but also a culture, an inseparable affection for Lingbao people.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Henan | Luoyang Mutton Soup

Line up for two hours, drink soup for five minutes, drive a hundred kilometers, and drink a bowl of mutton soup. Such wonders appeared in Luoyang, the ancient capital of the Nine Dynasties. In Luoyang, the first sentence when people meet each other is not to ask whether they have eaten or not, but to ask, "Don't drink soup wood." Drinking soup seems to be the most enjoyable experience here, and mutton soup is the best choice for this cold winter.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Whether a bowl of mutton soup is good or not, the most important thing is to boil the soup. Starting from the hot pot, it must be a boiling underwater pot. Put the lamb bones and cook for half an hour. Do not cover the pot when cooking, and then cook the lamb together. The key is the package made with more than 20 ingredients. It is like a versatile catalyst that can remove the odor and odor of mutton, while retaining the unique flavor of mutton, and fully stimulating it and integrating it into Go in the soup. The boiled mutton soup is white and moist, as mellow as milk. Coriander and shallots float on the surface of the mutton soup. The mutton and mutton blood inside are faintly visible, colorful and extremely appetizing. Take a bite of mutton soup, and take a bite of the crispy and browned potstickers that have just come out of the oven. This is a pleasant day for Luoyang people!

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Henan | Yuzhou Mutton Soup

The Huashi Mutton Soup in Yuzhou, Henan is well known. Yuzhou Huashi Township. There are many hills and mountains around here, which are suitable for goats. It is based on local lamb, refined with Flammulina velutipes, Yuzhou noodles, Xishan fungus, high quality green onions, and a variety of seasonings.

When you come to Huashi's humble lamb soup restaurants, you can smell the smell of meat as soon as you enter. When you enter the store, you will see the master skillfully wield the knife in his hand and slice out a bowl of lamb. The Huashi Mutton Soup Store has, without exception, a large pot rack with a diameter of about one meter on the stove, and the soup in the pot is filled with lamb and lamb bones. The fragrant soup was tumbling in the cauldron, and the white sheep bones quietly released the tempting taste at the bottom of the pan. The fire in the hearth was flaming, and the milky white soup in the pot was rumbling "grumbling". With the heat and smoke permeating and rising, the aroma of lamb was arrogant. A pot of red hot pepper oil has become the protagonist to enhance the taste of the soup and appetite. This hot pepper oil is exquisite. Be sure to cut off the mutton from the mutton, put it in a pot, refine it, remove the oil residue, and put it Grind the ground red peppers and fry until the aroma overflows.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

A bowl of steaming lamb soup comes up. When you hold the white porcelain bowl in your hand and gently stir it with a spoon, the chili oil floating on the soup will gradually melt away, and the aroma of mutton, chives and chili oil will be instantly dissipated. . Drinking it in one sip has all the flavors of hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, and salty. The best staple food for drinking mutton soup is yakitori, which is famous for its large sesame seeds and its soft, crispy flavor. It's a bit like Xinjiang's coriander, but never put green onions and cumin. Just before baking, brush some base oil and sprinkle a few sesame seeds. Take a bite of mutton soup and sesame cake as a companion, you will taste the most authentic and rich flavor of mutton!

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Henan | Kaifeng Sheep Double Intestine

Kaifeng people like to drink soup for breakfast, the most special of which is "sheep's intestines". The double bowel of sheep is also called sheep cream bowel. The method is to wash the large intestine and small intestine of sheep first, fill it with sheep blood, cook it and cut it into half inches long. Cook until the soup is red, white, and green. The soup has the effect of warming kidney yang and strengthening the body.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Shanxi | Guo Sheep Soup

Guo's Sheep Soup is a traditional famous dish in the southeast of Shanxi Province. It belongs to Huguan Sheep Soup. The Yang Tang Family-Guo's has been passed down through the generations, and has studied the kitchen with great concentration. So far, it has formed an ancestral process using a variety of precious Chinese medicinal materials as condiments. "To make sheep soup, you must have three conditions, that is, the meat must be fresh, the ingredients must be uniform, and the art must be refined." This is the so-called "backyard tied sheep, the front shop sells soup" to ensure the kind of umami on the spot.

The soup is fresh but not stingy, and the meat is tender but not fluffy. There is a saying that there are whole sheep in a bowl of soup. That is: in a bowl of soup, there are three or five mutton meatballs, seven or eight mutton dumplings, stewed meat, blood strips, fat and head, hoofs, mussels and stomach, intestines, heart, liver, lungs, waist and other internal organs. In addition to the sheep's fur, there are everything, even sheep bone marrow is boiled in the old soup. In addition to these, the most important thing is the secret recipe of Guo's sheep soup. During the cooking process, more than ten kinds of spices of Guo's ancestral secret recipe were added to this soup. This is a successful bowl of Guo's sheep soup. Drinking a bowl of Guo's sheep soup is equivalent to eating all the essence of the sheep. Therefore, there are rumors in the local area that "winter drinking sheep soup to drive the cold and warm the body to increase nutrition, drink the sheep soup in the sky to relieve the stomach and relieve diarrhea".

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Shanxi | Taiyuan Mind

"Mind" is a unique halal snack in Shanxi, also known as "Bazhen Soup", which is said to have been created by the painter and famous Chinese doctor Fu Shan for anti-Qing Mingming. This famous dish is prepared from astragalus root, ravioli, lotus root, mutton, yam, rice wine, distiller's grains, sheep tail oil, and pickled leek as a primer. The taste of the mind is light and nutritious. It is delicious with Shanxi rice wine supplemented with pickled leeks and lamb roasted wheat or one or two caps (a kind of baked noodle cake).

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Liaoning | Benxi Xiaoshi Yangtang

As everyone knows, the small city of Benxi is famous for its northeast sheep soup. It will be a great regret for me to go to the small market without drinking sheep soup. The uniqueness of the Xiaoshi sheep soup is first and foremost the material. The sheep soup is made of cashmere goats in the mountainous area of Liaodong. When the sheep are raised to about 100 kg, the meat taste is the best. The water used for the soup is the water of the Prince Edward River in Benxi. The water quality is excellent, and it even tastes a little sweet. The traditional process of Manchu sheep soup was inherited and improved during the soup. After the fresh sheep was slaughtered and divided, they were all put into a wood pot, and Wuhu and Wenhu were used alternately. After several hours of cooking, the meat is rotten, soup is cooked, and it is delicious.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Liaoning | Dandong Sheep Soup

Dandong sheep soup has now become a good food with great care. From raising sheep to slaughtering and making sheep soup, it has become a culture. Most lamb soup houses are slaughtered sheep every morning, so the soup is especially fresh. When you arrive at the Yangtang Restaurant, the boss will ask if you want mutton or mutton, fat soup or clear soup. The so-called fat soup is more sheep fat. In fact, it tastes the most delicious. After a while, you will be served a large bowl of white soup with meat. Of course, there is no salty taste, only the green onion and coriander. On each table is a bottle of white vinegar and a seasoning box, which contains four kinds of seasonings: salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, and chili noodles. You must add white vinegar to the sheep soup, but not rice vinegar. After adding white vinegar, the soup is whiter, and then add an appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper powder. Post it.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Shaanxi | Lamb in water basin

The basin of mutton originated in the ancient city of Xi'an and in the eastern part of Guanzhong in Dali and Pucheng. Its history can be traced back to the Shang and Zhou dynasties and flourished in the Ming and Qing dynasties. It evolved from the "Sheep" in the Shang and Zhou dynasties.

The book "Shan Jia Qing Fu" described the skill of cooking mutton soup, stating: "Sheep is used as a ravioli, placed in a casserole, there is a secret method except onion pepper, only a few real almonds, boiled in water, and bone It ’s also rotten. ”When eating lamb in the water basin, the most authentic one is two Crescent-style crescent cakes with Dali, one of which is meat, and the other is used for soaking, served with fresh garlic or sugar garlic, and seasoned with oil You only need to splash with mutton oil, the meat is rotten and the soup is clear, fat but not greasy, clear and delicious, unique flavor.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Guangdong | Xuwen Sheep Bone Soup

Due to its excellent breed and unique style, Xu Wenyang is famous all over the country. Because of this, in Xu Wen, everybody loves mutton. In addition to the well-known whole lamb feast, white-cut lamb, and braised lamb, Xu Wen also has a very famous snack-"Three Flavors of Sheep", which includes three types of lamb porridge, mutton and sheep bone soup.

Xu Wen's lamb skin is tender and tender, because chefs usually use lambs under 12-13 kg for cooking. The chefs at the lamb porridge shop usually use lambs under 12-13 kg for cooking. The flesh is "balanced" just right, the skin is thin and tender, and the fleshy fibers are thick and long; the bones are wide and long, and the bone juice is very delicious. For more exciting content, please pay attention to WeChat public account: Kitchen Movies. Putting a plastic straw into the lamb bone tube, taking a deep breath, "slipping", it is the soup pulp filled with sweet mouth, and the bone marrow is used as soup, which is the luxury that Xu Wen knows.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Inner Mongolia | Hailar Lamb Soup

Hailar has the most perfect (pollution-free) grassland in China, the Hulunbuir steppe. It is said that Hailar means "land for growing wild leek" in Mongolian. The mutton taste of wild leek is extremely delicious, and there is no fishy smell. Qi is the best in mutton. The lamb soup made from mutton here is naturally delicious, and when paired with the handle meat, it is a paradise for mutton lovers.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Xinjiang | Stewed Lamb Soup

When it comes to Xinjiang's clear stewed mutton soup, it is really "boiled mutton in clear water, full of mutton in the house", even people who don't like to eat mutton usually praise it. In fact, Xinjiang's delicious stewed lamb is mainly due to its good quality. From Xinjiang's Hali Balikun sheep in the eastern Xinjiang to Bashbai sheep in the west of Tacheng, from Altai's big tail sheep in the northern Xinjiang to minified beach sheep and desert sheep around the Tarim Basin in the southern Xinjiang, it can be said that there are countless countless, The delicious ones are one match one. And these sheep grow all year round in natural pastures that are far from towns, rich in waterweeds, and rich in plant varieties. Sheep can even collect various wild herbs for food. Therefore, they are not only delicious, but also rich in vitamins and trace elements, which have a tonic effect.

Xinjiang is cold. For strong physique, the stewed lamb is the first choice of locals. The stewed lamb is completely flavored with clear soup, which reflects the simplicity and boldness of Xinjiang people. Xinjiang's stewed mutton does not contain any seasonings except salt. Put the meat in the pot and add cold water. The water just flows over the meat. As soon as the pot is opened, the big blood foam is skimmed and the fire is reduced. Real simmering, real stew. Everyone who has tasted its taste praises its meaty flavor and delicious soup. No, the word "tasting" cannot be used here to describe it. Xinjiang Qing stewed mutton should be chewed with a big mouth, stubbornly, and chewed slowly and slowly.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Ningxia | Tan Mutton Soup

Tan sheep are mainly produced in the southeast of Yinchuan City at the eastern foot of Helan, Ningxia. Here, the unique natural geographical environment has cultivated the unique quality of Tan sheep. Its tender meat, no odor, delicious taste, and even fat distribution are domestic and foreign meat sheep. The best quality. In the words of local people, Yanchi Tan sheep "eat Chinese herbs (licorice, bitter beans, etc.) and drink ditch spring water", thus forming the unique flavor quality of Tan lamb, which is much loved by consumers.

Cooking Tan sheep is extremely simple and easy. The local people in Ningxia have the simplest verbal phrase "Eat Tan sheep only need to dip a bit of salt", which means that the Tan lamb is tender and slightly fishy. It needs to be cooked in water and then dipped. It's already fragrant when you order white salt. A bowl of steaming lamb broth comes out of the pot, the original flavor, and sprinkle with a handful of chopped chives, plus a dozen sweet sweet medlars, the color and fragrance are enough to make people have endless aftertaste.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

Qinghai | shredded sheep

In areas where beef and mutton are the main meat food, chopped and chopped foods are extremely common. Qinghai, as one of the five famous sheep eating provinces in China, naturally cannot escape this law. Compared with other places, Qinghai sheep mash is more concise in seasoning. Apart from simple salt and pepper, the rest is all about the oily and fresh flavor of mutton, which is a kind of quality to the original ingredients. Great confidence. In addition, the lamb chops are more bold in the selection of materials. In addition to the common lamb and lamb belly, sheep heart, lamb lung, lamb intestine, and liver are also added to the ranks of lamb chops.

The production of sheep miscellaneous also pays attention to "three ingredients", "three soups" and "three flavors". "Miscellaneous three materials" is divided into main materials and auxiliary materials. Authentic whole sheep mixed with main materials (also known as Sanhong) are heart, liver, and lungs. When they are cooked, they are cut into small pieces or thin slices. Three auxiliary materials (also Called Sanbai) are intestines (raw oil), belly (raw flavor), and head and hoof meat (filled in a bowl), cut into filaments and strips when going to the pan. A bowl of miscellaneous sheep, all you see is the incomplete ingredients.

"Miscellaneous Santang" has the following statement. People in Qingcheng live at home, buy a pair of sheep's five internal organs, cook in a wok, and eat hot soup with water and geothermal heat. This is called eating "original soup miscellaneous", and the taste is reflected in delicious lightness. People who are afraid of miscellaneous and dirty smells first scoop the washed lamb chopped pan, throw the soup away, steam the chopped chopped chops, add the water to the pan, add the seasoning, and cook it in a bowl. Broken broth. " Because it is steamed, the taste is submerged in the soup, and the taste of the eater is obtained by slowly chewing the chopped meat. Street and lane shops, stations, and intersection stalls are often filled with new miscellaneous items, and they are constantly added to a large pot. A pot of soup is often not used for cooking, even if the pot operator sells it for several years In the year, soup was as thick as oil and color was like sauce. In the past, diners bought a bowl to eat. The chopped, crispy, soft and mellow flavors are stored in the soup, so the operator is most reluctant to add soup to the diners.

"Miscellaneous Sanwei" is simple to say. Every Qingcheng monopoly lamb miscellaneous dinner table has these three flavors, namely a plate of spring cilantro, a plate of red pepper eyes and a plate of white salt. This is a must-have shamisen seasoning. The eater sits down, or loves fresh and refreshing, or spicy and hot hemp, or tastes so salty. In short, you can mix and match the soup in the bowl according to your own taste, keeping your comfort and happiness.

"Diet" China's top lamb soup awards ... (mutton lovers hurry to collect!)

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