Food Appreciation: Food on the Tip of the Tongue-Xi'an

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Xi'an is a famous tourist city in China with a long history and many cultural relics and historic sites. Thousands of years of life have also made the gourmet snacks here countless. Here you can taste Sanqin cuisine and experience Sanqin culture. Famous snacks everywhere are also overwhelming, such as meat dumplings, lamb stew, cold skin, Qishan noodles, and dumpling feasts, which are well-known in Shaanxi.

So, if you go to Xi'an as a tourist, how can you experience Xi'an's gourmet snacks? How to find special snacks worthy of being tasted in thousands of food stalls? Below, Xiaobian has recommended by many food experts and platforms to summarize the following five must-eat foods to go to Xi'an.

First, Xi'an Liangpi

Food Appreciation: Food on the Tip of the Tongue-Xi'an

Xi'an Liangpi is a famous snack in Shaanxi Province. It has unique taste and is suitable for all ages. In recent years, it has come out of Shaanxi Province and is very popular all over the country. Liangpi, also known as "spiked skin", is known for its fine materials, rigorous craftsmanship, and delicate seasonings. It is known as "white, thin, light, soft, tendon, and fragrant". Sour and spicy, cool and delicious, suitable for summer. It is now an important dish in Guanzhong and Xifu.

The cold skin sold on the streets of Xi'an also has its own characteristics when sold: rice skin is white and transparent, and the steamer can be steamed into slices. After steaming, put some cooking oil between one piece and the other, and stack them layer by layer like a sign on a desk. The hawker took out a piece and put it on a white gauze box. He skillfully used a sharp knife the size of a guillotine, and almost couldn't see "bang, bang, bang ..." Cut the skin into chopsticks, then put salt, vinegar, special seasoning water, bean sprouts (or mung bean sprouts) Wait. Finally, pick up a handful of skin with chopsticks and dip it in a jar filled with red pepper oil. If you are not satisfied, use a spoon to dig a tablespoon of pepper. The red and oily will be put on the skin and brought to the dining car. The white rice peel and the red and bright spicy oil will be mixed with the saliva of the slanders before the sweet taste in the mouth comes out. Skin is smooth, hot and sour, and has a unique fragrance. That's how delicious humans are!

Second, meat sauce

Food Appreciation: Food on the Tip of the Tongue-Xi'an

The meat sauce with meat sauce can be regarded as the most famous snack in Xi'an. It is not only delicious, but also full. The meat must be bacon sauce, and the ravioli must be white jelly bread. The meat should preferably be fat and thin and chopped. Add some gravy to the pan, bite a bit of crispy meat, crispy, not greasy for fat, not diesel for lean meat. It's simply delicious on earth! !! Take a bite to make your memories endless. In Xi'an, a bowl of Liang Pi, a meat pinch, and a can of Bingfeng, all live together.

Three, beef and mutton bubble

Food Appreciation: Food on the Tip of the Tongue-Xi'an

Beef and mutton soup is a gourmet snack with local characteristics in Xi'an. It has a long history and is a rare and delicious food. It must be a dead face, and it must be broken into small pieces by hand. The process of 掰 馍 is also very interesting. Beef and mutton was called "Yang" in the ancient times. Su Song, a poet of the Song Dynasty, left the poem "Longxi has bear wax, Qin cooks only sheep's egg". It is delicately cooked, with heavy taste and mellow taste. The meat rotten soup is thick, but not greasy. It is rich in nutrients, full of aroma, attractive appetite, and has an endless aftertaste. To eat pickles, you must dip the chili sauce and pickled sugar and garlic. Of course, the way to eat the chili sauce and pickled sugar and garlic is also particular. When you first start eating, eat pickles directly. When you feel tired, take a bite of sugar. Garlic or dipping chili sauce. After a few bites, drink a clear soup. It's really beautiful!

Fourth, biangbiang noodles (trousers noodles)

Food Appreciation: Food on the Tip of the Tongue-Xi'an

Biang biang noodles are famous snacks in Shaanxi, also known as belt noodles. This clever and humorous "biang" word combination summarizes the characteristics of the origin of the biang biang noodles, the eating experience, the production process, the hard work of raw materials, seasonings, and noodle making. The refreshing spirit of angling and bitterness leads to the food culture that Shaanxi people are proud of. Biang biang noodles can have a width of two or three inches and a length of about one meter. When thick, they are similar to coins, but when thin, they are like cicada wings. One noodle is enough for a meal, and for a large amount of Guanzhong people, it is easy to eat 8 or 2 pounds per meal.

Five, zongzi noodles

Food Appreciation: Food on the Tip of the Tongue-Xi'an

Zongzi noodles are Han-style snacks of Shaanxi Province. They are thin, tendon, light, wang, sour, spicy, and fragrant. They have a soft and smooth mouth. Red, fragrant, rich and not greasy. Xunzi ’s influence on people ’s lives in the Guanzhong region is huge. Whether it ’s a funeral or a funeral, a holiday, an old man ’s life, a child ’s full moon, or a family member or relative, they ca n’t do without Xunzi noodles. In the Guanzhong area, red and white things, old people's birthdays, and children's full moons are usually served for two meals, so-called breakfast and lunch, and breakfast noodles are the staple food.

How about, as a foodie, do you feel hungry? Youmu want to act immediately, go to Xi'an, and taste a variety of delicious? If you have any recommended Xi'an food, you can leave a message in the comment area and discuss it together.